Pulling other field from other Object

  • 7 July 2020
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I created a zap between Salesforce (Object: Case) and a Slack channel:

Trigger - if a new case is created in the Salesforce Object Case
Action - send auto-message to a Slack channel (# inquiry)

Creation itself is simple and easy, but it's not satisfactorily. In Zap, I have to specify one(1) Object, which is Case. And Case does not seem to have 'AccountName', i.e. AccountName field is in the other Object Account.

The zap works fine, but the problem is the information I set based on AccountID does not show the actual customer (account) name. It’s currently shows numeric and alphabetical information.

I want to pull information AccountName from Object Account. Is there any way to make this happen or any workaround?

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Hi @Chika!


Working with Salesforce can be tricky because the objects in it (Case, Account, Contact, Lead, etc) all have relationships to each other (eg Contacts are objects in themselves but also are associated with an Account). 


In terms of Creating a case, it sounds like you first need to find or create the relevant account, and then add another step that adds a new Case, which you can associated with the account the was created in the previous step. 


When you say that the Zap is showing the Account name as an alphanumeric value rather than the name of the account, is that in the Zap itself or is what shows in Salesforce when the object is created? If it’s what you’re seeing in the Zap, then that’s how it should look; the alphanumeric string will be the ID of the account and is what the Zap needs to tell Salesforce what it should be looking at. 


If you’re seeing the alphanumeric string in Salesforce when the object is created then you’ll need to get in touch with the Support Team to take a closer look at your Zap for you. You can do that using the Get Help form.