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Prospect Replies from Pardot to Outlook: Automate or forward replies?

  • 20 January 2021
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Hi there - I’m looking to create a Zap / flow around automating the prospect inquiries and replies we receive on our “hello@” email handle. When they fill out a form in our CRM (we use Pardot & Salesforce), they sometimes reply to our automated form send their questions to our “hello@.” We are manually sifting through these and forwarding over to their rightful account owner, but I know there’s GOT to be something a guru has figured out - I haven’t been able to clearly distinguish what’s possible.


We do not want to leave this just in the account owner’s hands, and am trying to figure out the Zap between Outlook and either Pardot or Salesforce to:

Trigger = new email in Outlook that was sent to “hello@” inbox

Action = Find prospect (in either Pardot or Salesforce) by email and pull in the account owner

Action = Send email to account owner so they can reply


Does this make sense? I have sifted through various resources and forums that have mentioned automations like this, but haven’t been able to find a clear answer as to what’s possible and how to do it (or what my limitations are).


Thank you in advance - SG


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Hey @sgoldma7,

thank you for your question.

I think this should be doable. Basically, you already explained it in your post.

  1. Trigger - Outlook New Email (
  2. Action - Pardot Find Prospect (
  3. Action - Outlook Send Email (

The Account owner you should be able to find after you did the search as one of the fields that the Zap pulled. This one you should use to send the email in the last step. Let me know if that helps :)

@Ennes Hey,

THANK you for getting back so quick to help me out, and for clarifying these steps and giving me some confidence in my judgement :relaxed:  I’ve got the Zap up and in testing, and seems to be working just as you mentioned! BUT, I have a piece that I’m still missing, and was hoping to get your guidance on this question/troubleshooting to deem this a success:

  1. There’s no ‘forward email’ functionality, correct? The other half of this project is forwarding over the actual email / content of it so if there’s a question that comes through, their account owner can see what was received and respond accordingly.
  2. If this is correct, I have played around with the ‘attachment’ portion and assume this is the closest I’m going to get. BUT when pulling in the ‘body content’ field in the last outlook step, it’s giving the full .html code within the message, which is not favorable.. am I missing something here? (attachment 1)
  3. I then pulled in the ‘body preview’ field instead, which I noticed comes through without the .html, BUT as it is indeed a preview, this is also not favorable on the off-chance it cuts off a longer email message (attachment 2)
  4. I’ve also tried switching between the html and text body formats, but it doesn’t seem to affect the attachment here, just the actual email formatting - which makes sense.

Have you seen this before, or know of how others have relayed full emails over in a similar way? I very well could be missing something too, so wanted to reach out while I thank you for your help :relaxed:



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Hi @sgoldma7!

You could try adding a Formatter by Zapier step in between the trigger step that produces that HTML and the Send Email step. Like this (I used Gmail as my trigger):

Then on the Outlook step you would map the output of that Formatter step:

It may end up not being super readable since it will be all plain text. But I’d say you should give that a try :)