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Products/services not added to separate lines in Quickbooks receipt

  • 10 November 2021
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Hello! I’m looking for help solving a problem that I can’t find a solution to.


What I’m Doing:

I’m building an integration between Stripe and Quickbooks to automatically push payments into a Sales Receipt. My goal is for both the Sales $ and the Payment Processing Fee $ to be on the same sales receipt and each identified to their correct accounting account (Sales; Payment Processing Fees). The way I have come up with associating each transaction with the correct account is to create two product/service items one for Sales which is attached to my sales QB account and one that is Payment Processing Fees which is attached to my Payment Processing Fees QB account. I would then have Stripe create two lines on the sales receipt from the transaction, and then I would mark each as the correct product/service so it can be associated to the right QB account.

It is important for both $ amounts to be on the same sales receipt (although on separate lines) so I can match the deposit amount from my bank account to that specific transaction with a simple “Find Match”. Rather than having to split that deposit from Stripe and link it to the sales dollars and the processing fees separately (which together add up to the deposit amount from Stripe for that transaction). 



It appears like it’s not possible to have two separate products/services associated with the transaction. I’m able to create two separate lines, however it only allows me to select one product/service which assumedly get’s assigned to both lines. This means that I can’t associate the correct QB accounts with each of the dollar figures in the transaction (sales; payment processing fees). Does anyone know how to not have that happen? 

I’m also open to other solutions to achieve this goal. Seems like a pretty common use case and I’m sort of surprised I haven’t found a solution yet.


Thanks all!



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Hey @Charlie Edison Hse ,


I was viewing Quickbooks API and it should be possible to add multiple items. Not sure why you are facing this issue. Can you show screenshot of your action?



Hi @jayeshkumarbhatia , thank you for your help. I’ve attached a picture here. 


As you can see I’ve been able to create separate lines on the upper section of the form, however when I’m requested to select a product/service (the product/service options are pulled in from QB) it only allows me to select one product/service. I need to be able to select two product/services so I can designate one for the first line and one for the second line.


Thank you


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Hey @Charlie Edison Hse ,


I got a solution for you. First add an action to Create an Invoice with 1 line item. Than add second action - Update an Invoice, here add 2nd item in the invoice.


I found some help articles for you from Zapier community -