Problems creating unique actions in Basecamp

  • 17 March 2023
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I am trying create a series of triggers and actions that

  1. As a project is created in dubsado
  2. It also creates a project in basecamp 3
  3. The it searches for the project (that it just made) in basecamp 3
  4. Then it searches for a team member in basecamp 3
  5. Then it adds a team member to the project (that was just created) in basecamp3

The problem that I am having is that - I need the team member  to be added to the project that was just created- which is dynamic

But it only seems to want to add to. static project that was already created in the past.


How do I get the action to add to the project that was just created?

In side the “add the person to the project step - I got to “project” and then I go to “custom” - which one of the drop downs should I select in order for it to add to the dynamic project that was just created?

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2 replies

screenshot of the step i’m having problems with

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Hi @Ward 

Good question.

Map the Project ID from a previous step using the ‘Custom’ option.