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  • 17 March 2022
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Hello dear community,

the generated Facebook leads are not displayed correctly in AC.
Numerically on the automation overview it might fit.
But according to email dispatch report it does not.
Only 2 out of 13 FB leads are in ActiveCampaign.
Sent to multiple, but not all....

This is very troubling to me:
Active Campaign is linked to Zapier and Facebook.
Active Campign Support had advised me to contact Zapier.

Does anyone have any advice or tips on what it could be?

Thank you very much and hope to see you soon!

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7 replies

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Hey @Suzan 

 Can you please share the screenshot of the zap that you configured to collects Leads from Facebook and add them as Contacts inside Active Campaign?

Hey @Satya09 I guess something wents wrong
I will sent the Screenshots again rignt now

Thank you so much for asking me <3




and the next Screenshots:



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Can you pls tell me if you used the same test data I mean filled the Facebook Lead Form with the same test@fb email id?

That might be a reason there are 13 emails sent being shown but only 2 contacts because ActiveCampaign wont create the contact again and again for the same contact details.

Also I would suggest you to use this action step called Create / Update Contact rather than using the Add to Automation step directly.

I suggest this method to avoid duplicate emails and all later going forward for the same email and you can make an automation inside active campaign trigger once they are added to the list.

Add extra step to tag them like Entered X Automation and  add a IF Else condition to check that tag to avoid sending the same person the automation sequence if they by mistake or for any other submit the same.


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Hi @Suzan 

Good question.

Some notes…

  1. Remove the mapped value for this field as per the Description below the field.


  2. You may need to add as Step 2 this action: AC - Create/Update Contact
  3. Check your Zap Runs:
    1. Did the Zaps trigger?
    2. Did the Zaps have errors on a step?

Hi @Satya09 
thank you for your Mail.
I will try some things out.