• 30 August 2020
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Hi there,


I’m trying to modify infusionsoft custom fields based on data in a sharepoint list. For example, I may have the “Building_Area” field in both the SharePoint list and the infusionsoft custom field.  Can anyone suggest how to transfer the data over using Zapier?

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3 replies

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Hi @LeoNYC! Could you share a little more information about what you’re trying to do? 


When you say that you’d like to transfer the data, do you mean that it’s already in SharePoint and you want to export it to Infusionsoft, or do you mean that you want to update infusionsoft when the field is updated in SharePoint?

If the data is already in SharePoint and you’d like to export it, Zapier isn’t really designed for that kind of bulk import/export, but you can find a workaround described in this help doc: Bulk import data into Zaps


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Thank you Danvers….


I have a sharepoint list with prospects that are part of an automated workflow.  The employees work on qualifying the contact information.  When the information is correct, they trigger another workflow. 

The workflow would do the following

  1. Transfer one sharepoint list item to Infusionsoft
  2. Update the infusionsoft contact record’s custom fields

Infusionsoft would then enter the contact into a campaign.  This would not be a bulk import but a sequential one with one item at a time.


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Hi @LeoNYC 

Just checking in. Did you manage to get this sorted?