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Postgres-GSheets; Create new spreadsheets with bulk DB changes?

  • 29 June 2020
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I’m going to upsert data to a Postgres database in bulk.


I want to have each new row in the DB inserted into a spreadsheet. I know that this is possible, however, I’d also like to create a new spreadsheet after every (let’s say) 100 rows. Is this supported?


If it’s not directly possible, I thought one way to achieve this is -- since I’m inserting data in bulk, let’s assume I insert 100 rows at a time. Then, I could have my Zap create a new spreadsheet with every bulk insert.


Is this supported with Zapier? Sorry I’m totally new here but I’m really excited!


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@gladlydi Unfortunately the Zapier integration with Google Sheets does not allow for a “dynamic” selection of a sheet. So even if you could change to a new spreadsheet after hitting 100 rows You’d have to specify the new sheet manually in the zap, so the automatic part of automation wouldn’t be there for you. 


Is there a limit you are running into somewhere that you cannot put it all into one sheet? Or why can you not export from Postgres once you get the data in there? How many rows are you working with here?

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Thanks so much for the reply! I wanted to put it into multiple sheets because I want to manually process the data, and it would be nice to have 10 spreadsheets with 100 rows than 1 spreadsheet with an indefinite number of rows if I want to distribute the processing.


I could just try and export from Postgres once I get the data in there! I just didn’t know if there’d be a more automated solution.