POST Webhook action - how to send location field to Wix in the correct format

  • 29 June 2021
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By some amazing miracle (I’m still not quite sure how I’ve done it!), I have managed to get a Zapier to send a new record from a Google Sheet to a Wix database using a Webhook Post.

The only problem is that the location field which contains city and country name is not being recognised as a location and so I have to manually go in and convert the field value to be a location, which kind of defeats the object of the automation. Is there anything I could do in Zapier to send the location through in the right format for it to be recognised. Another slight wrinkle is the location is a city location rather than a full address, so it’s Bilbao, Spain. Once I convert it manually in Wix, it is recognised perfectly. From what I can see, it is because the field needs to be provided as a JSON but I’ve hit the limit of my knowledge there. Any help would be gratefully received. 

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2 replies

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Hi @Ciara M 

Can you provide examples of the location format that works and those that don’t?

Also, are you able to provide the Wix API documentation you seem to be referencing?

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Hi Troy

Thanks for coming back so quickly. I’ve put screenshots below to try to illustrate the issue. Hopefully that makes it a bit more obvious. 

This is the webhook that I have setup in Zapier. The problem is the field “city”.


The record loads perfectly into Wix except you will see the City field which is an address field has a warning and appears blank in the repeater in Wix frontend. 


When you click on the warning it says that the value does not match the field type Address. When you select convert, it saves exactly the same value.


When you look at the repeater in Wix, it correctly the location. Before you convert this field is blank. 

My question is, is there something I can do in Zapier to get this into a format that would be recognsied automatically in Wix as an address. I saw it on a forum that it need to be in JSON format but honestly it was hard core coding and I didn’t really understand it.


Any direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated.