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Post text from New Database item into Created Database item for Notion

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I'm trying to set up a ZAP where the text we typed in our New Database item automatically appears in another database as a Created Database item.

It's not clear to me if I can choose an input from the Content field to achieve that.


Is it possible?





Best answer by maelachy 23 May 2022, 10:23

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Hi @maelachy 

Is your desired data point to map between Zap steps available from a previous Zap step?

Help article for how to map variables between Zap steps using the ‘custom’ option:

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Hi Troy,


No, it's not.

Here's a dropdown menu of a Content Field






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Hi @maelachy!

It is possible to take information from the trigger (in your case a new database item) and add it to the content field when you create a new database item using Zapier. When you click in the Content field, you’ll see a dropdown list like the one you’ve shared above with all the data from the item. When you click on one of these it will be added to the content field. 


That’s the fundamentals of how to add information into a field, but I’m not sure if that answers your question. Is there a specific field from Notion that you need that isn’t in the dropdown list that you can see from the trigger? Or are you trying to put the information from the trigger in a different field? If I haven’t covered what you need please let us know and give us a little more detail about what information you’d like to put where so we can hopefully help you out. 😁

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Hi @Danvers!


Thanks for the clarification.

Correct, I'd like to pull the a text from the trigger. Although the text is gonna be different every time we create new item and I can't see an option for that. All the options listed seem to be fixed.



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Here's detailed flow:


This is Original Database where I create a New Item:




This New Item contains a certain Text :




This Text I'd like to see in another database shown here:



Any option to do that?



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Hey @maelachy! So when you’re setting up your zap, is there an option to map the data your looking for in a custom field? 🤔

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Hi @maelachy, from what you’ve described you should be able to do what you need using the approach I showed above. When you choose a field from the dropdown box, the Zap will enter the text that’s in that field each time the Zap runs. For example, in the database item below, if I add the Created time to the Content field of the Zap, then each time the Zap runs, it will put the Created time of the Notion object that triggered the Zap. 


Does that help? If you can see the text field that you need in the drop down box above, try adding that to the relevant field in the action step and see if that works. Set it up, turn your Zap on and test it by adding something in your first Notion database. 


If the issue is that you can’t see the field that you need in the drop down box that I’ve highlighted above? If you can’t see the field that you want and you know it’s in the database from the trigger step, then you’ll need to get in touch with the Support Team (using the Get Help form) so that they can dig into this further to understand why you might not be able to see the field that you need. 

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Thanks for your help, will talk to Support

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Hi @pikapika,

So it’s an old issue that remains unresolved.
Support’s message: