Possible to use WhatsApp text to book Google Calendar appointment slot?

  • 10 October 2021
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working on a simple Text and Calendar integration for our tennis group

1. Person texts a pre-defined number; response text should show 3 available day/time slots from a pre-defined Google calender
2. ask the person to press a number (1,2 or 3) to select an option, {or ask to enter HH:MM AM/PM} (none-available or other edge-cases can be addressed later)
3. Update the G calendar with person`s name and phone number and the selected slot
4. send a confirmation to the person 24 hours before the event

source of text: Whatsapp or iPhone text message (via iMessage) or Android text message (via Android Messaging) or Flip phone text messaging (older demographics)


Any help on how to create above zaps will be much appreciated!

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4 replies

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Hi @Maya10925 

Why not use a scheduling app such as Calendly or Acuity, which are specifically made for self scheduling and integrate with GCal, plus probably wouldn’t require Zaps.



Hi @Troy Tessalone ,

You are correct that Calendly or Acuity are tailor-made scheduling apps. But, the constraint we have is, our user demographic does not want to install any new app (or at best, okay with installing a 1-and-done type plugin or app) or enter any info inside any app. The medium of communication wanted is text, hence whatsapp, or iMessage or Android text message as a way of typing is okay for the users. 

I am not beholden to Google Calendar integration, if Calendly or Acuity can be integrated with such a Text-only interface. Is that possible with any zaps or otherwise?

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No apps would need to be installed.

Merely click a link and fill out a basic form.

Might be worth trying out one of the apps instead of reinventing the wheel.

@Troy Tessalone when you say- click a link and fill out a form- are you saying:

  1. user gets a text message with a weblink to a form
  2. user fills out that form with their preferred time-slots
  3. this filled-form updates the calendar

If so, How can we avoid the user going through above form weblink and instead enable them directly typing via their text messenger (Whatsapp or iMessage etc)?

If I didn`t interpret your reply correctly, can you please share the workflow steps of your above solution?