Possible to trigger for any interaction in Trello board that begins with certain string?

  • 28 September 2021
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Is it possible to use flexible zaps that trigger when there’s been interaction with any Trello board that begins with a defined string?

We have personal trainers, who each have their own Trello board to manage the enquiries we send to them.

We have Zaps set up so that whenever we move an ‘enquiry’ card to one of their boards, or whenever those trainers move a card into a new list (eg when the enquiry converts), it sets off a series of automations using the card’s custom fields, to create & update contacts in Active Campaign and contact/enquiry information in Airtable.

It works fine - the problem is we need 6 individual zaps for every trainer, and with 16 trainers on the system and counting - it will increasingly become a nightmare if we want to update the zaps to change/improve the automation because we have to change each one individually.

is there a way of customising the trigger so it looks at actions that relate to any trainer board? Trainer board names all begin with “PT: …”, eg “PT: John Smith”. We also want the trainer’s name to be used in the zap, so “John Smith” can be included in the automations (to allocate enquiry to trainer in Airtable)

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Hyde ,


Adding condition is not possible in Trello triggers.  You can handle conditions and business login in actions by using filters and paths.

  • To read about filters click here
  • To read about paths click here


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Hi @Hyde 

That will depend on the Trello trigger being used in the Zap.

For example, the Trello trigger for Card Moved to List requires that the Board be selected, so you’d need 1 Zap per PT. (see screenshot below)


There are some ways to make Zaps more dynamic though thru advanced approaches.

Check out these apps...

  1. Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table
  2. GSheet can be used as a lookup table
  3. Airtable Base can be used as a lookup table
  4. Webhooks (used to connect Zaps together)
  5. Sub-Zaps (used to run the same routine within Zaps)