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Possible to schedule email send twice a day from new Airtable records?

  • 6 March 2023
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I want to create this automation:

New record in airtable > sent out an email > 2 times a day at specific time until an end date.

Can this automation be done by Zapier? The issues I have found is that:

Schedule by Zapier can only be used as Trigger

Airtable new record is not available as an option for an action

Delay by Zapier doesn’t work because the Start date is not fixed.



Best answer by SamB 7 March 2023, 13:21

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5 replies

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Welcome to the Community, @jackline!

Can you tell us a little bit more about the requirements of the workflow? Are these emails reminders of some kind? 

And do the email sends need to go out every single day for a certain number of days relative to when the new record is created in Airtable? Or is the start and end date of the reminders different for each record that gets added?

If you can give us some further details we’ll be better able to offer suggestions on the best approach here. Thanks, we’ll be keeping an eye out for your reply here! 🙂

Hey Sam,

What I want to achieve is sending 2 email reminders everyday for a number of days (the number of days is not fixed) starting from the date the record was created. Since new records will be added over time, the start date and also the end date will be different for different records.

In the emails, I want to include some information already available in the database.

I hope I have given all the information. But please let me know if I am missing any other information.


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Thanks for sharing some more details on your requirements here @jackline

Ok so, in that case I’m wondering if you might be able to handle these reminders using a calendar app. What I’m thinking is that you’d use an app, like Google Calendar for example, in the Zap to create a recurring event. Then you’d have another Zap that triggers on the event and sends out the reminder. You would add the relevant information from the record into the description for the event. Then you can select the description for the event in the Send Email action. And when you want to stop the reminders you’d just delete the event from the calendar (making sure to tick the option to delete future events too!).

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Zap triggers and actions you’d need for that sort of workflow:

Zap 1 - sets up the recurring reminders

  • Trigger: New Record (Airtable)
  • Action: Create Detailed Event (Google Calendar) - set the Repeat Frequency to Daily to make it a recurring event. (Reminder 1)
  • Action: Create Detailed Event (Google Calendar) - set the Repeat Frequency to Daily to make it a recurring event. (Reminder 2)

Zap 2 - sends out the reminders

  • Trigger: Event Start (Google Calendar)
  • Action: Send Email (Gmail)

One thing to note here is that if you only want Zap 2 to send out reminders on weekdays you may need to add a Filter by Zapier step to prevent the Zap from running on a weekend. More on how to limit the days a Zap runs can be found here: Use Filters so your Zap only triggers on certain days/times

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on! 

Hey Sam - I will try this set up thanks!

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Best of luck with that, @jackline! If you run into any issues on that at all just let us know, happy to help further! 🙂