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Possible to only continue Zap when Asana task is complete?

  • 1 December 2021
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Hi all! I have created the following zap:

  • Fill out google form
  • Form data is put into a google sheet
  • Delay until 06:00 in the morning
  • At 05:00 in the morning parabola does some google sheet restructuring and fills in the blanks
  • Google doc is populated from template
  • Task is created in Asana for approval
  • An e-mail is sent out as a notification to check the Asana task
  • Only continue if... Asana complete is true (so if we have completed the task) <- this is the tricky part
  • Generate and attach pdf and send out to the right person.

This is all instant, so the moment the Asana task is created and I should be checking, the zap already continues and concludes that the Asana task is not completed. So the zap run stops. Once I have completed the Asana task it doesn't continue, because it would have to re-run the whole zap. 

The only solution I can think of is to put a delay in there for about a day to have the time to check on an Asana task, but that's not productive for me. Is there a way to have the zap continue after I have checked the Asana box?


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5 replies

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Hey @Pim Baljon ,


You can use Filters by Zapier to solve this. You can read here more

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There’s already a filter in place, but that doesn’t do the trick. Have you read my question? Was I unclear?

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Hey @Pim Baljon ,


Sorry,I should have asked you first. 


I have a question, Why not build another Zap with Asana Trigger - New Task Completed -> Generate/Attach PDF and send to concern person. 



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Hi @Pim Baljon 

These 2 Steps need to be another Zap that uses this trigger: Asana - Completed Task

  • Only continue if... Asana complete is true (so if we have completed the task) <- this is the tricky part
  • Generate and attach PDF and send out to the right person.



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Just wanted to pop in to summarize the answer here! :)

The “Only continue if...Asana complete is true (so if we have completed the task)” and “Generate and attach PDF and send out to the right person” steps would need to be removed from the original Zap. A new Zap would need to be created that uses the Completed Task trigger, like so:

Zap 2

  • Trigger: Completed Task (Asana) - Triggers when a task is completed.
  • Action: Find a File (Google Drive) - Searches for the relevant document based on Task info from Asana step. (Search for existing data in Zaps)
  • Action: Send Email (Gmail or other email app) - Attaches PDF of the document found by previous step. (Send files in Zaps)

There is no need for this second Zap to contain a Filter step to check if a task has been completed as the Zap would only be triggering for completed tasks. 

In summary, the overall workflow would be that the original Zap will trigger when a Google Form is filled out then after the delay, creates a Google document and Asana task. And finally, sends out an email notification about the task. The second Zap would trigger when an Asana Task is completed, then search for the document in Google Drive to get the link to the PDF version of it and email that out to the relevant person.