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Possible to have 2 Zaps triggering on new file in folder?

I have an Amazon S3 bucket which receives both csv and pdf files. I want to create 2 separate processes in Zapier to act on upload of new files in the bucket. I could use a path at the top to split the actions but I really don’t want a single zap as the handling of each file type is completely different. My question is, if I create 2 zaps that each trigger on “new file” in the same s3 bucket but then have a filter to only continue if the file ends in the appropriate extension, will that work? In other words, will both Zaps fire on the new file creation, or is not a guaranteed result?

The files are eventually going to end up in dropbox or Google drive, so the other option I considered is making 3 zaps. Zap 1 would fire on the new file being created in S3, and it would have a path to move it to either the dropbox csv or pdf folder, depending on file type. Zaps 2 & 3 would each run independently on the creation of a new file in their respective dropbox folders.




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Hi @Edify 

Good question.

Multiple Zaps from the same Zap trigger should work, but depends on the Zap app involved.

Sometimes the only way to know for sure is to test.


A workaround instead of 1 Zaps with Paths is to chain Zaps together with Webhooks.

NOTE: You can trigger multiple webhooks with 1 request:



Zap 1

  1. Trigger:
  2. Action: Webhook - POST
    1. This would trigger the other Zaps
      1. Example: Zap 2


Zap 2

  1. Trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook
  2. Action:
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@Edify just stepping in here! From what you described with your use case, yes, you can absolutely trigger multiple Zaps when a new file is found in your folder and then take different actions in each, based on the file extension while utilizing a Filter step. 🙂

Let us know if we can help with anything else!