Positive lookbehind in Formatter / Extract Pattern RegEx

  • 9 July 2020
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I would like to be able to use the Formatter / Extract Pattern helper to extract some information (Title, Description, Squad, Priority, Due Date) from a Slack message:

​​​​​​​@george.brindeiro just made a documentation request!
Title: How do I create customer clusters?
I would like to see some nice documentation explaining how different groups of customers can be organized to target promotions.  
Squad: Merch
Priority: :priority-medium: (Nice to have by Due Date)
Due Date: 04/07/2020

Reading this StackOverflow question, seems like I would need to use the "positive lookbehind" feature, which is available in Python Regular Expressions, but doesn't seem to work in Zapier. This is an example regex I tested and got to work in regex101:

(?<=Title: ).*(?=\n)

Could someone confirm whether this is true? Or am I missing something?


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@georgebrindeiro - Not sure exactly why it isn’t working for you because, for me, it did!