Populate Constant Contact Custom field via MEC WP Plugin

  • 3 March 2021
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Trying to send data from the Modern Events Calendar (MEC) Wordpress plugin to a custom field in Constant Contact (CC).

There is a Zapier integration for MEC, but it won’t pull up CC’s custom fields.

The custom field in CC will store which event a user registered for, so the zap or webhook needs to append, but not overwrite prior entries (i.e. field type = checkbox or select). Because a user may over time register for multiple events.

If access to CC custom fields is not possible, another solution would be to populate specific CC lists based on event. CC list selection is currently a global option for MEC. But this solution may be problematic to maintain as new events would need to go into the coded solution, or the code reference an external file that would need to be maintained accurately.

A secondary concern is that MEC generates a single name field and CC uses a first/middle/last schema.


Hope all this makes sense!


Below on MEC’s webhooks. There may be a plugin customization that works outside zapier.


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4 replies

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Hi @OrganicHost!


The Constant Contact Zapier integration doesn’t have the ability to work with custom fields for the Create and Update contact actions, sorry about that!


It sounds like this will be too tricky to handle using Zapier integrations so you would be looking at using webhooks if you’d like to accomplish this. I can see that you originally posted this question in the ‘Hire a Pro’ section, are you looking to hire someone to help with this integration or are you looking for some general advice/ideas?



Webhooks are going to be beyond my ken, so at this point I am looking for custom development. Either to populate the custom field, or to populate a list.


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Gotcha, thanks!

I’ll move your post back to the Hire a Pro section of the Community 🙂

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@OrganicHost Sent you a DM, I’m pretty sure we can help you with this