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Podio - Zap trigger in ANY workspace

  • 31 August 2022
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I am a freelance recruiter. I use podio for all the jobs and candidates. 
My podio setup works by me creating a new workspace for each job i need to recruit for.
In every workspace i have an app called “candidates”. Here comes my issue.

I would like to have a zap trigger everytime i update a candidate in my workspace. but i can’t. Zapier doesnt let me choose an option for all the workspaces only a specific one. Neither does a sub zap work. if i make a sub zap that for sends a mail everytime i update a client to “rejected” with a standard rejection form. it still only works for one specific workspaces’ “candidates” app…

Anyone have a workaround or solution for this.

I thank you all for your attention in advance!
Best Regards


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Hi @Skaar!

It’s not currently possible to user the New Item Podio trigger for more than one workspace at a time, I’m sorry about that.


I looked at our existing feature requests for Podio and this isn’t one of them, so could I ask you to contact the Zapier Support Team using the Get Help form to ask them to put that in for you?