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Podio Zap runs then delete the email in my field

  • 30 July 2020
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This is my first request in Community, so be patient with me if I don’t get you everything you need. 


Trigger: Item updated in Podio

Action: Send an email with attached PDF through Gmail.


Problem:  After the Zap successfully happens, the email in my Podio email field is wiped out.  


How do I prevent my email field from being deleted after the zap runs? 


I appreciate all your help! TIA!



Best answer by Liz_Roberts 31 July 2020, 15:09

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Hi @Andrew Gasper ,

Welcome to Community and thanks for reaching out!

Are you seeing that the email field in Gmail is relaying that there is no data after you run your Zap? I suspect you have come across a known bug with the Podio integration where the Action “Update Item” will sometimes clear out fields that haven't been mapped. If the existing record on Podio has an email but that field is blank on the template, sometimes Podio will clear out not only that email field, but also all email fields.

I've gone ahead and added you as an impacted user so that the app's technical team can look at it. This does the following:

  • Re-raises this issue with the app’s team
  • Adds weight to the issue in our queue
  • Reminds us to update you once this is resolved

I don't have an ETA on when there might be a resolution, but you'll definitely be notified as soon as we hear back that it's been fixed! 

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Hey Liz, I believe I know what you asking in your question and I’m going to say kind of. :) The zap will still run without the email field b/c I have it to automatically CC my main company email, but the email field is missing when the zap is run a 2nd time.     


The zap is created to build a PDF from a Google Doc template and then sends it to my client. Typically this isn’t something I need to run a 2nd time, but if I change wording or terms on the document it becomes an issue.    So really it’s a mild inconvenience to have to reenter the email again. 


I appreciate your help!