Please Allow us to Change the 15 Second "Time Out" for zap to be longer!! I need almost 5 minutes

  • 6 November 2020
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I have a am using Banner Bear to render marketing images and when I batch render more then 5 images at a time, it take too long to get the data back to Zapier before the zap Times Out. 

I need about 5 minutes for the API to process the images - please make it possable to change the “TIme Out” duration.

Please Please do this - exporting the images in Batchs of 5 is not effective and still doens’t work 100% of the time!!!!

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1 reply

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Hi @TiffanyLancaster 

Sadly the action timeout limit is a hard limit - currently set at 30 seconds. If you’re interested in knowing more of the technicals behind it, I wrote a blog post about Zapier timeouts.

In this case, doing smaller batches is your only guarantee against errors.

Meanwhile, you might want to reach out to Bannerbear to see if there is anything they can do their end to improve render time. Their founder Jon Yongfook is very active on Twitter and responsive to feedback.