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  • 2 September 2020
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I am trying to enter new contacts into PipelineDeals when a new ticket appears in my ZenDesk View.  

I’m getting the following error message in the task log: 

PipelineDeals: The app returned "This looks like a duplicate Contact owned by Dawn [surname]. You can save anyway and a new contact will be created or cancel and start over."


How do I work past this?  I want to make sure there is no duplicate and then enter the person.  If there is a duplicate, the action should just stop but this error message is generated in the task log with no way to fix it. 


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Hi @Dawn,

Sorry you are running into this error! I see you were working with Maggie in Support on this and they have added you as an impacted user of this bug. This does a few things:

  • Re-raises this issue with the app’s team
  • Adds weight to the issue in queue
  • Reminds us to update you once this is resolved

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!