Pipedrive Revenue to Google Analytics Revenue

  • 3 November 2020
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I am looking for a way to pull my revenue out of Pipedrive and have Google Analytics record this. 


Pipedrive seems to be a graveyard for us where all information goes and dies. 
I am hoping setting up some Zaps can help to get these platforms communicating. 


How can I set up a Zap that would record my revenue to Google Analytics? 

When a new job comes into Pipedrive our sales team creates a “quote $$” and adds it to pipedrive. Once we actually invoice for a project, it goes through quickbooks. But information for the project is held in both pipedrive and quickbooks. 


Is this possible to set up through Pipedrive? If so, how!?

If not, do you think I should try setting it up from quickbooks? If so, How do I make sure Google Analytics is getting the correct information?



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12 replies

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App Triggers/Actions/Searches available via Zapier…

Google Analytics:



@Troy Tessalone, I’ve already looked through all of these and still have questions. That is why I am asking the community. Hoping to get answers, not just more links. 


Support has sent me all these links. I need my question answered. 


Please advise if you have helpful advice. Thank you. 

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What Zaps have you tried to configure already with the available app triggers/actions/searches?

Perhaps provide screenshots.

@Troy Tessalone, I’ve tried to set one up that was Pipedrive to Google Analytics but the lingo is confusing. There is nothing that specifies revenue being communicated. 

I’ve also tried to set up a Zap that was Pipedrive to Google Sheets to Google Analytics with this information; but again, the lingo coming out of Pipedrive is so confusing and makes no sense trying to relay it back to GA. 

I do not have access to our company’s QuickBooks so I’m not sure if this would work; I’d prefer to pull from Pipedrive but if it is not possible with Pipedrive, I need to know and then can look into QuickBooks. 


Hope that makes sense! Thanks for the quick response. 

I’ve been working on this issue for weeks with no luck. 


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Can you clarify your end goal?

You wrote “pull my revenue out of Pipedrive and have Google Analytics record this”.

Are you saying you want revenue recorded in your CRM to show up in google analytics so you can tie it to those customers’ browsing behavior?

@Lear my end goal is to have the revenue from Pipedrive being communicated with Google Analytics.

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So, do I correctly understand that you want non-e-commerce sales to be shown in GA?

I assume you want to do that so you can tie those sales to GA data for those customers?

@lear, yes correct. Non e-commerce sales. 

I want it there for a couple of reasons;

  • to be able to track overall revenue for the business
  • to be able to see where customer came from; resulting in revenue
  • and be able to retarget; create look alike audiences; and better understand what our ideal clientele looks like. 

    Thank you!
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Ok. I see. The issue is that product analytics solutions are not generally meant for this kind of “dashboarding”. Usually, you’d pull data from both CRM and GA into a third tool. However, I have a few suggestions you could try out (as usual the caveat is that, while touted by these companies, their integrations may not work well enough). For all of these, you can search for competitors and see if you can come up with something better. 

(a) Connecting GA to Pipedrive:,

(b) Connecting GA to Quickbooks:

(c) Connecting GA and Pipedrive to a third-party:, (free tier may not suffice for you)  

If you expect to build on this in the future, I would probably aim for Good Data, as it’s the only company in the “dashboarding” space that does not charge based on users and has a free tier that may completely suffice for you (no, I am not affiliated with them in any way). The rub here: I am not sure they have native integration with Pipe, so you may again have to look at a tool to integrate (Zapier, Stitch, etc.).

If cost isn’t an issue you can look at B2B CX solutions such as that do all of the above, but they’re expensive. 

Your third bullet does not necessarily require you to comingle GA data with your CRM data, as it only profiles customers. For example, you can do lookalikes on Google, Facebook, etc. based on customer revenue and demographics alone. 


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Hi @MarketingMonstr! Were you able to find a solution that worked for you with this? It would be great to know if @Lear’s suggestions helped or if you found another way to do this 🙂

I have not found a solution that works properly. 

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Thanks for letting me know @MarketingMonstr - let’s see if we can figure out if this will be possible with Zapier. I’m not sure that it will be, but I’d love to take a stab at it with you 🙂


Breaking this down a little bit...

Pipedrive  - what trigger are you using? What fields are you getting from the trigger and what do you need? I know that you said you want revenue, but is that tied to a specific record like a Deal?

Google Analytics - to record the value in Google Analytics you’d likely need to use the Create Measurement action. The Create Measurement action adds a measurement (ie a value) to an Event Type. Do you currently have revenue as an event type in Google Analytics? You’d need that to be able to record revenue using Zapier.