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I am wondering if anyone may have had a similar problem that I have with my Zapier automatization to move data from deal to organization on PipeDrive.

I want to move data from fields on the deal to fields on the organization in PipeDrive. They are named exactly the same, only one is on the deal and the other on the organization. 
For example:
The field "ID" on the deal is filled with "123456789" I want this exact information to be transferred to a field that is on the organization called "ID" with the infromation "123456789". 

However since the beginning of creating this seemingly simple automation there are problems in its functioning. The information is not transferred and when it is, it takes a lot of tasks. 
I am wondering what solution can be found to make it move quickly and effectively? If there is any way to save the number of tasks in this case?


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@Aneta Wozniak 

Thank you for your question.
What are you using as the trigger? Keep in mind, if you’re using “Deal Updated” it will trigger for any update on the deal and will use up many tasks. Best would be to trigger via deal updated webhook so you can use the “current” and “previous” values and compare them with a single filter. 

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Yes, my trigger is indeed the deal update. I thought this way would be sufficient.
To be honest I have never used webhook. Can you recommend me a place where I can learn more about using them in PipeDrive?

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@Aneta Wozniak no worries! Follow these steps:

  1. Change your trigger to Webhooks by Zapier
  2. Select Catch Hook
  3. Copy the webhook URL
  4. In Pipedrive navigate to Tools and Integrations
  5. Select Webhooks from the lefthand menu
  6. Click Create new webhook
  7. Configure to “Deal Updated”
  8. Paste webhook from Zapier
  9. Once saved, update any deal to receive test values

Feel free to reach out to our team for additional help.