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  • 3 September 2020
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Dear Zapier-community, 


I am trying to link Pipedrive deals to google analytics. Only I am not sure what to do. For now I have: 

→ When this happens → new deal in pipedrive

→ create a measurement → google analytics 

But what do I fill in at stage 2? Should I fill in '’run a report'’ instead? 

I'm a little confused here. How do I make sure all the new deals coming in through pipedrive are succesfully showcased on google analytics/google tag manager? 


Thank you in advance!!


Diego Reppas 

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2 replies

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Hi there @Diego Reppas -. Could you clarify what objective you’re trying to achieve? It seems like you’re trying to track your Pipedrive deals within Google Analytics, but I’m unclear what you’re trying to track (or what information specifically is important to you.) Google Analytics is a trend tracking tool that helps us understand the trends of your visitors to a website or content you publish.

I made a Zapbook for you to see what can be done in between the two apps: - When you “Run a Report” in GA, you need to understand that it’s related to the data that is being tracked by GA, not that you’re to send data into the platform. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions!

@steph.n , I am wondering the same thing as the above question!

You’ve responded with a Pipeline zap but questions here are based on PipeDRIVE. 

I specifically want a new customer or “lead” to count as a “Goal/Conversion”  in GA. How would I set up a zap so that GA can read this as a conversion?

Secondly, I need to figure out how to track revenue made in my PipeDRIVE. And get that communicated back to GA so I can track my revenue made over time.