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Pick multiple random items from a list (Formatter)

  • 16 September 2020
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I’m currently trying to set up a zap that picks 3 different and random times from a list and sends them to another app. The way I set this up so far is I have 3 different “Pick from List” formatter steps, with each step pulling a different number (Since from what I can tell there isn’t an option to pick more than one random list item at a time).


The issue I have is figuring out how to make sure that those three numbers are unique. For example, what’s stopping two of the three formatter steps from randomly choosing the same time?


All help is appreciated, thanks!


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 16 September 2020, 23:57

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2 replies

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You can do this in 1 Step using a GSheet.

The GSheet formulas can be constructed to randomly pick 3 unique values.

Action: GSheet - Update Row

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Hi @tmarcus96 ,

Circling back to see if you were able to try out Troy’s suggestions above! Let us know if you’re squared away with this Zap!