Personalize product update trigger in Woocommerce and extract product meta data

  • 26 November 2020
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I need help to improve a zap that is for updating product prices from Woocommerce to Google Sheets. That is, I have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with all my products listed with the respective prices in columns. One column has the regular price of the product, another the sale price, and others the wholesale prices for some products. The problem is that the trigger for this zap is the product update and triggers near 1000 times a day, so it burns all the zaps of the starter account in one day.

On the other hand, wholesale prices, being assigned by an external plugin, are saved in the product metadata and zapier does not export this meta data in separated values, only in one big text with a lot more information.

I’m looking for and expert to help me with this two problems in my zap. 

Thanks in advance,


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Hi there @camisan93 ,

Great to see your message here. This issue you are facing is definitely solvable by changing the workflow automation a bit.

I have been working with tens of clients using Woocommerce so I know all about the meta-data it uses to store valuable information. You can fix this by setting up line items. 
For the trigger, I would suggest you either

  • filter these and only continue if a specific value is set 
  • Or create a time trigger which pulls data X times per day

This way you will not burn threw your zap credits.

I will send you a private message, if you require some assistance I would be happy to help you.