• 1 April 2021
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I receive several PDF PO’s from the same customer & would like to make the flow work better.


The work flow i am looking for goes like this…


  1. PDF comes into my email
  2. PDF is saved to google drive under PO#
  3. Info from PDF is saved to google sheets spread sheet (this is the part I am having trouble with)
  4. New google sheets column is added into katana & Sales order is created 


The linking issue I am running into is extracting the info I need out of the PDF and having it placed into the google sheets doc.


Info I want pulled from the PDF is

  • customer name
  • delivery date
  • created date
  • part #
  • order id
  • qty
  • total $
  • job #

Ideally I could have the original PDF attached to the newly created google sheets column as a link aswell


All the info I want pulled from the PDF is there but Im having trouble setting up ZAPIER to work how i want


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks, Gunnar




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2 replies

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Hi @GunEisele 

Check out Docparser:

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?