Pay Affiliates For Ticket Sales

  • 28 September 2021
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Looking to set up a system where we give our affiliates a Promo Code to use for ticket sales in BrushFire. We need to trigger a Zap from the specific promo codes - to something ( some software, either Stripe or something else ) to pay out a flat fee or percent from the ticket sales to the affiliates. 


Looking to automate the payout process to the affiliates from the ticket sales through BrushFire. 


Any suggestions? 

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1 reply

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Each Zap app has a profile page that lists the available triggers/actions.

For example, Stripe:
The Stripe Zap app integration does not currently support initiating payments.

Generally only the most common/popular app endpoints are made available via Zap app integrations.

Often, app APIs can be used to extend the functionality of integrations/automations.

In Zaps, this can be done with the Code app or Webhooks app.




BrushFire doesn’t have a public Zap app integration, but does have a private BETA app:

Please Note: The Brushfire Zaps are currently in an invite-only private beta.
To make Zaps using Brushfire use this link: 


Consider hiring a Zapier Expert for help on your project: