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  • 8 June 2020
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- I have configured form submission in Weblfow
- There are two radio buttons in a form with the values ​​"Free" and "Paid"
- Values ​​are passed to Zapier
- After, the desired path starts, if the value is "Free" or "Paid"

When testing zap, all the data goes into Zapier and the steps work (there are more than 25 steps). But when I turn zap, it does not start the path and does not explain why. Zapier writes that Zap is filtered and the paths are not running. How is this possible?

I try to deal with the problem the third day, but I can’t solve it. I tried to make a copy of zap, update the first steps (before the paths) and delete all the others after the paths. But that doesn't work either.

Before this problem, I used this zap for a month and everything was ok. But I needed to change the data in the last steps, after which the problems started.

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1 reply

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Hi @MrPfaltz I can see that you also reached out to our Support Team about this issue. 


In case someone is having a similar problem, here’s the answer that they provided:

I've investigated the issue, and it looks like you're being affected by an open issue with Webflow. The reason the Path does not work is that the data sent by Webflow in the test differs from the way it is sent live. 


Because the data came in differently when the Zap was live compared with the sample data that was used to set up the Zap, it didn’t go down the appropriate path.