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  • 16 June 2022
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Paths gives you the option to “Only continue if….” and they have to be listed at the end of the zap.

Question. Right before the path, there is a step to check if the customer is already in the database (CRM). 

But that also give you the option to either continue or stop the zap.

How can I make the zap take two different actions,

1- Path one if the customer is found in the CRM,

2 - Path two if the customer is NOT found in the CRM?

Right now, it only continues if Not found and it adds the customer. Where and how can I integrate the “Found customer, now do this…...” 

I keep falling into the trap that if I check for the customer first in the database, I have no options but to either continue or stop!! but not options to react for either result (found/not found)


Thank you

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1 reply

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Your find customer in CRM search should have an option to “continue if not found” that needs to be set to true. You should get back a field to the effects of “zap_data_was_found” which can be used in your path.

If true: path 1
if false: path 2