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Pasting updated excel file into ChatGPT

  • 5 June 2023
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HI Team 

I have excel table that gets updated by zappier when new task added to the asana, 

Can anyone tell me how can I make zappier to paste entire excel table to chat GBT? Rather then specific row? I cant seem to find such option. I would appreciate any help. 


A quick info about my automation: 

I am trying to create an automation which would evenly distribute tasks across Asana project across 3 people, Therefore I have created a zippier automation that would take a newly assigned task to the project. Second step would be extract name of the person it assigned to. For third step I have created excel file, which contains a total number of task assigned to people within the project. So in third step I have Zappier add +1 to the person the task was assigned to. For example if task is assigned to Devin, zappier would add +1 to the number of task assigned to Devin.

What I am straggling now is to tell zappier to find the lowest number based on the updated table or pick a random one if we have two lowest number. Originally I thought to past such task into Chat GBT. However I cannot find a way to make zappier to pate a while table into Chat GBT. 

My last step would be reassign Asana task to the person that have the lowest amount of task ( I have already figured out how to do this part ) 

I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you 



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Hey there, @Vovash! 👋

It looks like the Microsoft Excel app has a Find Row action which would only be able to pull a single row at a time. You might be able to use a Looping by Zapier action (see: Loop your Zap actions) to get it to search for more than one row by giving it a list of other ones to search for, such as each name. But you’d need to have a list of those supplied to the Looping by Zapier action from a previous trigger or action, or manually defined. That would then output the different information for each row of the table that was found into line items. Depending on how well ChatGPT can handle those line items, you might need to convert them into text so that it can read the values for the entire table - Convert line items into text strings

That said, it seems like what you could instead is to set up a “round robin” in the Zap, to get the tasks evenly distributed to each person. We have a few guides on how to set up round robins that you might find useful:

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. Please do let us know how you get on with this! 🙂

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HI Sam B @SamB 

Thank for your help. I used loop the zap option. 

Although Round robin were looking as a great option, 

I am currently exploring round robin option further, as it a bit harder for me to understand. I just have a question. Assuming that 5 task in a raw will be assigned to Devin, which would result Devin having far more tasks then anyone else. Is there any chance to set up round robin in the way that it would not assigned any further task for Devin, as she already have the highest number of task and would assign it to the person with the lowest amount of task. 

Once again thank you for all the help!

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You’re most welcome @Vovash, glad I could help! 🤗

I think with the round robin approach you’d need to start it from the tasks being at 0 for each person. Then it would distribute the tasks evenly going forward, it wouldn’t be able to assign a value based on the person with the lowest amount of tasks. It would assign a task to one person. Then when another task is created it would assign that to the next person, then the next person and so on.

Hopefully that helps to clarify. If you start building a round robin for this and run into any issues at all just let us know. Always happy to help!