Passing "Remove" or {{HookField}} intro Google Docs

  • 6 June 2020
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I am merging fileds from a Google Sheet into a Google Docs, document.

Some of my fields are not always populated.

Is there a way to ignore a field if the value is blank, or even populate a blank value with a space rather  that the leave the {} in the document or populate it with the word Remove ?


Thanks in anticipation

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1 reply

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Hi @Hothams, welcome to the Community!


There is a way to tell a Zap to use a space if a field is blank, but I think that you would need to add a step for each field that might be blank. You can use the Spreadsheet Style Formula  function in the Formatter by Zapier app. To do that add an action in the Zap and choose Formatter > Numbers > Spreadsheet style Formula. 


For the formula you, use: if(“insert_variable”=””, “ “,”insert_variable”) This is basically saying, if the field is blank, then add a space, if it has something in it, then use the information in the field.


I can’t think of way to do this for more than one field at a time, which is why I think you’d need a Formatter step for each field that might be empty.