Pass on phone number from affinity

  • 15 September 2022
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Hi, I want to create a contact in outlook each time we create a contact in affinity. How is it possible to pass on the field phone number to a Zap? 



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7 replies

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Hi @louis453 

Good question.

Try these Zap steps…

  1. Trigger: Affinity - New Person
  2. Action: Outlook - Create Contact


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Hi Troy, 

thanks, I set up a Zap like this. However, not all information from the person that is stored in Affinity,  is passed on and can be inserted. Do you know what could be the reason?


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@Troy Tessalone 

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Some Zaps only return data points that have values.

Try changing the trigger test data to use an example that has data populated for those fields.

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Hi @louis453 - welcome to Community! Were you able to get this test data to pull through? 

If you’re still having trouble pulling certain data for your trigger (phone number, etc), you can try adding new data for the event in your trigger app.

This would mean taking a peek at your Affinity list/data to ensure the desired data is available for your test contact, which will allow the Zap to use it within the Outlook Action. 😊

Let us know if that does the trick!

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Hi @Liz_Roberts 


yes I added data to the sample contact, but as I have shown above: The fields are not populated in the sample contact. They are not even visible or “null”. 


Do you know what could be the reason for that? 

Best, Louis 

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Hey @louis453! This often happens when using sample data - some values default to “null”. If you skip the tests, turn the Zap on, and then create a new person in Affinity, does it appear in Outlook with all fields populated? Let us know - we want to make sure you’re up and running here!