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Pass checkbox value from Webflow to Hubspot

  • 18 December 2021
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Hi guys!

I’m new to Zapier and trying to figure out how to pass checkbox values from the Webflow Form to Hubspot. Need your support with this.

So I have a form created in Hubspot and by filling a Webflow Form I want to create a new form submission in Hubspot. It works for inputs but Webflow Form also has two checkboxes - marketing agreement and agreement with the privacy policy and I don't know how to pass checkboxes value (true/false) to the Hubspot Form submission.

I will be appreciated for your advices!



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 19 December 2021, 20:14

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Hi @sergiusz 

What values are returned from the Webflow form for each checkbox field?


You can use a Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table step to translate value:



Multi-select fields won't work

If you have a multi-select field in Hubspot, you can map data to it by putting a ; in between the options. For example, it would look like this:

That would result in more than one option being selected on the Hubspot side. Note that the data you pass to Hubspot has to exactly match the option in Hubspot, including punctuation and capital letters.

Hi @Troy Tessalone!

Thanks for the answer! In my case there are simply true/false values. For example, when user fills the WF form and tick “I want to receive marketing information” checkbox, I want to pass value “true” to the form submission in a Hubspot. 

I’ve checked links you shared and I’m not sure that it might work in my case?..


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If data from Webflow for the checkbox fields is sent as true/false, then simply map those data points to their respective HubSpot Form field.

Otherwise, you’ll have to use a Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table to change 1/0 to true/false.

Perhaps post screenshots showing an actual example to help clarify.

@Troy Tessalone 

Checkboxes have a true/false values (Data Accept Privacy Policy and Data Marketing Agreement)


But I don’t know where I should pass this value, the form in Hubspot as well has two checkboxes but I can’t see them in Zapier to put values into them :/



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Likely related to this:

Trigger for New Form Entry Doesn't Have All My Fields

Right now the HubSpot API does not support all fields for the new form entry.
This is a known issue that the HubSpot team is working on.

In the meantime, if you make a list in HubSpot that is keyed off of the form submission, and then change your Zapier trigger to be the "New
Contact in List" trigger, you'll have access to the entire contact profile in the action.
This will solve the problem until we can get a better form submission trigger in there.