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Parse a form field and attach different files to email based on field contents

  • 28 April 2022
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We off a series of seven or so eBooks for free as lead generators.

The prospect select one or more of the available eBook PDF’s and submits a form.

The form is a Gravity Form that creates a single field that shows the titles of each eBook selected as comma delimited items.

We would like to use this list and attach each eBook to an email and send it back to the person who requested it.

We can do it one at a time with “Conditionally Run” but would like to do it all in one email. 

Can anyone suggest a workflow to accomplish this?

Thanks for any assistance!


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Hi @StuckNZaps 

Good question.

To clarify, you want 1 email sent with X number of selected eBook PDFs?

NOTE: It’s best practice to send links in an email to an asset, rather than sending an email with attachments, as attachments can cause deliverability issues.

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Hello @StuckNZaps 

You should be able to achieve this if you are using a Email Automation Software like ActiveCampaign to send emails.

Just create different tags for variation of form fields in gravity forms and add that specific tag to the contact in ActiveCampaign.

For example if they select the option with books X,Y  then add XY tag to the contact using Gravity Forms ActiveCampaign addon.

Inside ActiveCampaign create  automations to send that specific email with the links to all the books downloadable files rather than adding them as attachments just like @Troy Tessalone suggested.


Thanks to both of you for your help, new approach using an email service hadn’t occurred to me, I use CampaignMonitor but it’s feature rich so maybe I can do something similar there.

Any other ideas are appreciated, seems like there should be some plugin or service that will make this sort of thing easy but no one I know has been able to find it.

Thanks again for your help!