Pardot custom fields not showing on Unbounce integration



I’m using custom fields for Pardot and NONE are showing up at all - they are all text fields.


I am using text fields and we don’t have more than 200.


Trying to integrate with Unbounce.


Please help me!

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Hi @Gabeg123 - Let’s see if we can get this working. 

The first thing I always recommend double checking in cases like this is to check your permissions on your trigger app, Pardot in this case. 

Were these fields created while this Zap was in the process of being set up? If yes, then you may just need to refresh the fields. I had this problem earlier with another app, where I needed to actually go back and delete that part of the Zap and redo it, this solved my problem when “Load More” was not an option and refresh fields was not able to recognize my new additions. Try giving that a shot and see if that clears things up. 

If not, feel free to pop back over here with some screenshots of your Zap setup so we can take a closer look. You can also reach out to our Support Team, they’ll be able to identify any issues we can not see without being able to access your Zap directly. 

Hi chanelle,


Thank you for the quick response - these fields were actually created prior to the integration and have tried refreshing fields multiple times to no avail.


These are the fields that are showing, just very basic fields and none of the custom ones:

Email Address

First Name

Last Name

Last Activity At


Campaign1 2 3

Address One

Address Two









Job Title



Number of Employees

Years in Business







Annual Revenue

Is Do Not Email

Is Reviewed

Is Starred  

Is Do Not Call

I have reached out to support but their response time has been underwhelming.

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Hey there, @Gabeg123! Thanks for reaching out in the community. 

I can see you were able to reach out to my teammates in support and I wanted to share some of what they recommended:

Looking at the Zap, it seems like you're currently using the "Post" Webhook by Zapier. Can you try using the catch instead? 

For most webhooks, the Catch Hook trigger will be the best option. Catch hooks work by giving you a unique URL so you can make POST requests to. If you want Zapier to make a GET request of an external URL to check for new entries, use a Retrieve Poll webhook trigger.

Note: If you want access to the raw body of the response, use the Catch Raw Hook trigger.

Keep us posted how that works out for you, we definitely want to make sure you’re all squared away here!