PandaDoc contract sent to Create/Update Contact in HubSpot


I am using the Pandadoc bulk send to sent contracts to my clients. To do that I import a csv file with the right infos.

Then once the contracts are sent, I would like to link these contracts to my hubspot contacts. 


I started with this zap but it’s not running and don’t know why. 


Could you help me ? 


Thank you a lot  !

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Hi @Jmarielouise 

Can you post screenshots of the Zap steps?

When you say the Zap is “not running”…

  1. Is the Zap ON?
  2. Have you checked your Zap Runs history details for possible errors?

Hi thank you for your reply,


  1. Zap was ON yes
  2. No history at all on the zap
  3. You can see below 2 screenshots



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My hunch is that the bulk send may not fire the Zap trigger for Document Sent.

Bulk actions in general are not supported for Zap app triggers/actions/searches.

To get a definitive answer, you can open a ticket with Zapier Support:

You may want to reach out to PandaDoc for feedback as well:

Thank you a lot for your help !