Outlook calendar to Google calendar

  • 15 April 2020
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Hello. I’m trying to set up my first Zap: making it so every new event on Outlook calendar copies to my Google calendar.

Two issues:

  1. I set up the Zap, created an Outlook calendar test event, but it is not appearing on my Google calendar. Is this a common problem? Is there typically a significant time delay? Am I missing something else?
  2. Assuming I get this to work, I just want the Google calendar item to have the title and time of the event -- don’t need anything else, like description or other invitees or any other information. Just looking for Google calendar to recognize the time block. How do I edit the items in the Google calendar side of the Zap?

Thank you!

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2 replies

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Hi there!

Have you turned the Zap on and if so, has it run at all? If it’s been triggered, can you check your Task History page ( to see if there are any errors there at all?

It would be helpful if you could share a screenshot of how you’ve got your Zap set up. So, include the trigger step (Outlook) and then for the action step (Google Calendar) if you could have it open on the Customize screen, where the fields are (Calendar, Summary, Description, etc.).


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Hi @skreve! I just wanted to check in with you to see if you’d managed to get things working, or whether you could still use some help here. Please let us know :)