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One Gmail email for multiple files added to Drive

  • 28 January 2021
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I have a Zap set up to notify my team when files are added to a folder. I’m really just looking for one email to go out, even if several files are added to the folder. Is that an option? Currently, adding 10 files results in 10 actions and 10 emails.



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6 replies

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Hi @ccsando 

The Zap will trigger once per detected file in the designated GDrive folder.

Right, that’s how it’s happening now - just wondering if there’s another way (or another setting or entire new workflow that I’m not thinking of) that could notify once when new file(s) have been added? The main objective is to say “hey, there’s new stuff in there!”. Gets a big redundant when 15 files = 15 emails.

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You could have files added to the Folder in a Zip, which would then only be 1 File and thus 1 notification.

You could have sets of files added to a subfolder, then use this GDrive trigger.


Ah yeah, ok, that’s not a bad idea. I was looking for a Zapier solution since these are files that are uploaded automatically from a cloud-linked scanner (so I was trying to avoid manual computer work), but that’s not a bad thought. Appreciate the input!

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The Zaps are dumb and only configured to do as they’re programmed.

You’d have to add a fair amount of complex logic to only be notified once when a set of files are uploaded around the same time, which in my opinion isn’t worth the hassle of trying to solve for in your case.

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@ccsando as Troy stated. you would have to solve some logic. 

In your instance, it seems this could be done in 2 zaps. and using Google Sheets as an intermediary. The google sheet at a minimum would just need two columns. The time the file was created and a formula column calculating the difference between the last file and the newest file. It complicates your current process more than it might be worth but it would solve multiple notifications. 

Zap 1

Trigger: New file uploaded

Action: Create Row on Google Sheet

Action: Subtract 1 from the row that was just created

Action: Update the row that was just created with a formula to determine how many minutes have passed since the last row. 

See screenshots below. 

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
An example spreadsheet. The negative was because the files were uploaded close enough that they triggered together.


Trigger: New Rows on Google Sheet

Action: Filter rows based off of the minutes since last uploaded.

Action: Send Gmail