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Office 365 Create Event Missing Attendees

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I recieved notice that the current zap I’m using for Creating events with Office 365 will be retired. Looking at the new one to replace it, it is missing the ability to add attendees, significantly reducing it’s use and causing me a major problem.

In this post: 

It states that it is not supported, but it was. Will this be resolved before the older version is switched off? This is important to us.


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@Tim B 

I’ve flagged this for you so someone from Zapier can respond - and at very least your vote can be added to the feature request.

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Hi @Tim B - To clarify, it was supported in the legacy version but not the current one. I’ve added your name to this report of impacted users. You’ll be contacted via email once we have an update to share. Thanks!

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Thanks, the Location as well is missing as is status (Busy etc.) 

Hi @Tim B - To clarify, it was supported in the legacy version but not the current one. I’ve added your name to this report of impacted users. You’ll be contacted via email once we have an update to share. Thanks!


Hi Steph, can you add me to the list too please? Is this likely to be fixed in the near future?

It looks like the new Microsoft API still includes attendees (

Adding attendees is a key step in our appointment-setting process so it would be good to know if we need to switch to using a code-based API call.

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Thanks, the Location as well is missing as is status (Busy etc.) 

Hi, any idea when we are going to get these? There are too many significant fields missing as it stands, leaving the new 365 app quite crippled. Zapier ain’t cheap, and for that reason alone at least the basics should be supported in the most common apps.

You can’t say there hasn’t been time to fix this, you know? MS informs about changes like these well in advance...

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This is HUGE for my organization. I will NOT be able to migrate to the new integration if this isn’t addressed.

Someone any idea or a tipp 4 a workaround? other tools or something, because thats realy bad….

Attendees, Location, Category….. thats the points we need in our organization, and thats the options that a from microsoft over the api connect accessible:(

Hope that problem is fixed soon

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Hi @Gareth Jenkins @Alassa @kdeleon.lingraphica @mickelsr!

You’ve all been added to this request and will be notified by email when fields are restored to this version of the Office 365 app. While I can’t provide an ETA for resolution, I can say that we’re well aware of the issue and our engineers will get to this as soon as they can.

As you can imagine, there are many priorities when it comes to Zapier itself and bugs/features for integrations. I don’t pretend to know the complex equations that go into determining priority, but it’s safe to say there are a variety of factors that go into it. If something isn’t fixed or added in a specific time period, it certainly doesn’t mean we don’t care about it or the users who are affected. 

I realize that’s not the answer you’d like to hear, and it doesn’t help you with your Zaps, but I wanted to add a bit of context to all the items that are on our engineers’ plates at any given time.

Possible Workaround

If you have any existing Zaps that use the legacy version of the Office 365 integration (it has to already be using it as an action in order for this to work) you can try making a copy of it and then modifying that copy for your needs. It’s not necessarily something we’d normally recommend, but if you really need the features of the previous version you can see if this works for you.

EDIT: It’s been mentioned below that this workaround does not work. 

@nicksimard please include me on the list of impacted users.  This is a big issue for us.

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@nicksimard  Please include me on the list of impacted users.  This will impacted tremendously and is ridiculous that we are being pushed out of legacy on Friday 4/30 and this has not been resolved in the replacement application. I need someone’s assistance for a workaround if Legacy use cannot be extended.  50% of my zaps are to add to attendees Office 365 calendars, so I’ve got a serious scheduling issue if you push us off before resolving.  

Additionally @nicksimard the workaround does not work.  Once you try to choose the new application, it wipes the rest of the existing setup out.

@nicksimard Can I please be added to that list as well?

Please add me to the list as well.

@nicksimard Please add us to the list as well. This is huge for us and the main reason we use Zapier. The workaround has worked for us in the past, but the legacy app is supposed to stop working tomorrow (4/30). Thanks.

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@Matt M. @InfoB&E @Julia @charisse.sualog @Marco Wise you’ve all been added to this feature request and by doing so, its priority has been bumped up a bit.

Everyone: I can definitely see that it’s a high priority issue, and as much as I’d love to give an ETA for implementation, I don’t have that information. I’ve gone through support tickets and made sure that anyone who is having that problem has been added to that feature request, which has also bumped up the priority of this issue ;) I’m doing what I can, because I realize this is a big blocker for y’all!

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@nicksimard  Please also add to the request that is very important for meetings is also having a location field which the new app does not have???  Not sure how microsoft does not have attendees or location fields for an event unless they have something up their sleeve!?!?  Also not sure why we were told the Legacy app would not work as of 5/1.  I have existing zaps that I haven’t had a chance to get to to update yet in this frenzy and the old app is still working.  @nicksimard please give update why the Legacy app is still working.  I have several zaps to still update to the new and not making this priority if the Legacy app is still working??

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Hi @InfoB&E!

We built a new app and deprecated the legacy app based on this Microsoft blog post. Microsoft has been saying they would deprecate this API since 2017, so we took their word for it that April 30, 2021, was the actual deprecation date and the API would stop working (the blog post says “After this date, applications can no longer call the Outlook Rest API v1.0.“). The Legacy app entirely uses the Outlook V1 API, so according to Microsoft’s own announcement, it shouldn’t be working anymore.

It looks like Microsoft didn’t do the deprecation on the date/in the way they said, and that’s why the Zaps are still working. However, given that it’s past Microsoft’s deprecation date, we aren’t supporting that Legacy app anymore and we can’t guarantee it will continue to work (meaning it could be shut off at any time).

As for the missing fields in the Create Event action (attendee, location, etc.) this came up in a team meeting earlier today, and it’s definitely on our engineers’ radar! I’m really hoping we get these added before Microsoft pulls the plug on the Outlook V1 API!

@nicksimard Please add me to the list of interested people. We are automating our internals and this is required for us to work. 
We must create events and invite people to it. 

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Hi @MaxOs!

I’ve added you to the list of interested users. You’ll be notified via email when this is resolved!

Has there been any updates to this? We used this function extensively. Please add me to the list of affected users. 

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Hi @criggins! I’ve added you to the list of interested users too. 

As an API development company we would have thoroughly reviewed any changes distributed by Microsoft well in advance of the API being  decommissioned to ensure all existing functionality and fields existed after the change.  We would have also taken any opportunity to add functionality, not remove it.

I took the opportunity to review the API documentation and the fields have not disappeared from the API itself allowing events to be created with the original options in the Legacy version.  This would mean that Zappier dropped the ball in designing your screen and removed these fields when re-aligning your process with the new API.  Seems like a quality control issue, and Zappier should resolve this immediately.

I would imagine, like with our organization, this is beyond an inconvenience!  This needs to be solved ASAP.


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Hi @dhott!

You’re correct that the API supports the Zapier options that are no longer present in the Create Event action. Our team is well aware of the impact here, and as such we’re treating it as a bug rather than a feature request.

I totally understand your frustration, and I assure you that all of the appropriate teams at Zapier have this on their radar and it’s being prioritized. As you can imagine, given how many apps we support, there are other issues on the list and the number of affected users is one of the measures used to determine priority.

I can’t give an ETA, I’m afraid, but rest assured that we’re taking this issue seriously!

Please add me to the list of users looking for this feature. 

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OMG. Coming out of COVID and reopening our NY office, I tried out our lab booking Zaps and to my horror discovered it wasn’t working. Then I found this thread. This is so disheartening. Please add me to the list.

In the meantime, I’m heading into our Azure portal to see if I can route around Zapier to get the job done. 

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@Adam Farver @donovanwatts You’ve been added to the report!