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  • 3 June 2020
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I’m trying to use machine learning to automate my Inbox. I have my machine learning code in Python and I want to use Zapier to integrate with Office 365. It that possible ? if so, is there example for that? I tried to build Zap, and it seems to have support for personal Python code but I did not find any documentation on how to use it. For example, in my Zap , under “Customize Run Python” there is “

What input data should we provide to your code (as strings) via a dictionary set to a variable named input_data?

and I would like e.g. to get the email Subject and Body as input to my function. But how do I do that ?






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Hi @Ofer Rahat, it sounds like you want to be able to put the information from Office 365 (eg subject and body) into your code step, is that right?


To do that, use the input data fields to tell the Zap which fields from Office 365 you want to add to the code. For example, if you have subject as a variable in your code you would type ‘subject’ in the left hand box and when you click in the right hand box, you’ll see all of the information from the previous steps in the Zap, so you can choose the ‘Subject’ field from Office 365. Set up like that, whenever the code sees subject, it will insert the subject from the email. 


You can learn more about how that works in this help guide: Use JavaScript code in Zaps