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Oauth 2.0 for webhook calls from Zapier

  • 16 July 2019
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Without writing a whole app to deploy on Zapier is there a way I can do Oauth 2.0 token requests assuming timeouts and refreshing tokens.

I'm envisioning the workflow to be something like this:

Trigger: Simple webhook (called on a schedule or from another Zap as needed to get information)

Step 1: Get the token from Storage app

Step 2: Run a webhook to test if the token is valid still

Path A: - if token valid Then do the actual webhook call to get the information needed.

Path B: - if token expired or error on the first step

Path B, Step 1: make a call to refresh the token

Path B, Step 2: store the new token in storage

Path B, Step 3: Call the webhook to re-trigger this zap (yikes, possibility for non ending loops here)

What am I missing here? Is this doable?


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3 replies

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Hey Paul - I would absolutely love a more native and streamlined solution for this via Zapier.

We avoid all things OAuth2.0 because of how much of a pain it is to deal with. There are definitely other Zapier Experts here who have accomplished what you are referring to and I'm pretty sure they use the Storage app, as you have mentioned. Hopefully one of them can come and speak to this.


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Hi Paul, I'm going to forward this one to our Support Team to see if they have a good solution for you!

I used Zapier CLI for all of my oAuth2.0 APIs.

I'm also keen to know how we can achieve above flow without writing a APP. 🤔