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Notion - Trigger event update database

  • 23 December 2021
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Hey guys,

I also want to be added to the list. Appreciate it.

In the meantime I tried to build a “work-around” with a scheduled trigger - a database page search - a filter and the action afterwards. It’s quite a thing to build it this way because you lose all the “speed” of the trigger. So it would really make a difference to have this feature asap.

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Hey there, @AndyWasRight! For sure, I’ve got your vote added. Thanks for the extra context as well! 🙂


many months later still waiting for this absolutely crucial trigger

I am running two businesses using notion and we won’t subscribe to a payment option with zapier unless this is done, i am sure we are not the only ones! can i be added to whatever voting system, please?

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Hi there Anonymous! 👋

That’s totally understandable. I’d love to be able to trigger a Zap when a database item or page is updated in Notion too! Unfortunately I can’t make any promises as to when it will become available. 
Happy to get your vote added but it looks like your Community account was deleted after you replied here so we can’t add your vote. Can you create a new account and reply here to let us know that’s done so we can get your vote added? 

Thanks, we’ll keep an eye out for your reply here!

Hey Sam - please add our vote to the pot as well. The inability to use database updates as a trigger when it’s available in the Notion API for this long is a pretty massive loss and makes Zapier almost useless when integrating with Notion unfortunately.

Agreguen mi voto porfavor, necesito esa funcionalidad

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Hey there, friends! Thanks for letting us know - I’ve added your votes to that! 🙂

Hello! 👋 could you please add a vote from me too? Looking forward to using this feature, it will help in so many ways :D

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Thanks, @Kasey - your votes been added. 🙂

Please also add my vote to this list. I’m unsure as to how to accomplish a workaround. For me it’s typical to first capture a “to-do” item on the fly (which is when the zap would trigger) but then later add details and a due date, which is when I actually want to leverage the zap to sync that DB item from notion to google calendar. I really hope this feature is released soon!

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Thanks for reaching out, @ktotten2! - I’ve added your vote! I’m sorry to say we don’t have any official workarounds to share but we’ll be sure to share if we do. 🙂

Please add my vote, this is crucial to use Notion as a single source of truth and update other applications

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I’ve got you added, @phiva

Sme here, please add my vote!

Thanks 🙏 

Please add my vote.

please add my vote!

Hello, please add my vote too. Thank you.

Please add my vote, too. I can’t see myself paying for an account until I’m sure that I can update a recently created (or recently updated) notion database item.


Context: Notion doesn’t allow for dynamically created and unique page titles or names. I’m trying to use Zapier to take a default item name “customer visit” and append an auto-generated ID to it. I can’t make sense of the logic in Zapier. I _thought_ I’d be able to use Zapier to listen to the database event (new database item) and then update that record with new data, but it doesn’t work as expected. Instead, I can’t seem to hand off data from the trigger step (the default date of the new Notion record) to the update step (the update I want to apply to that Notion record). 


I would like to create a zap from an Trigger event update of the Notion database but this does not exist for the Beta version.
Is it planned to have this functionality and if so when?
The latter is really important to all of your users.

Thanks in advance.

Please Add my vote too!

Could you add my vote please ?

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Any update? Please add my vote.

I need Notion Update Trigger feature very much. No one can create a page one time without any changes. Even you can, when you are createing the page, the Notion API got this half-finished page, it will go to the next step withou any updates when u finish the page.


So, Add this featture asap!

Add my vote as well + I’d like to have an ETA… It’s been requested for a while now.

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Please include my vote as well. This is a crucial trigger for us. Any updates on ETA would be greatly appreciated as it would help us plan effectively.

Any update on this? 

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Add my vote as well + I’d like to have an ETA… It’s been requested for a while now.