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Notion to Hubspot Action - Update Database Item

I am having zero luck on getting help for this. What goes in the Object ID field? I want the “Billing Start Date” field for a company to automatically update in Hubspot once that is updated in Notion. I had this zap running smoothly with adding a second action to “Search for Company” in Notion first, and then zapping to Hubspot. So how can I do this on the free plan with just one action?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 12 July 2023, 19:29

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Hi @ab47 

Good question.

To help us have enough context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.


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You’d need to know the HubSpot Company ID from the Zap trigger step to keep the Zap to 2 steps.

ok great, but by putting just one Hubspot Company ID in that field - will that demonstrate to the action to zap ALL companies? or do i have to put ALL company Hubspot ID’s in that singular Object ID field? or just a test one? I want this to zap for new Hubspot records created as well. thanks so much for your help. I have not had any help from anyone else on Support. 

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The Zap trigger is from Notion.

The Zap action is to HubSpot.

If you want to update a company in HubSpot, then the HubSpot Company ID must come from Notion.

That would mean all the HubSpot Company IDs would need to come from Notion.

right. so do I need to create a field in Notion that corresponds to the Hubspot company ID? My confusion is what exactly is supposed to go into the “Object ID” field. 

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Hi @ab47,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Let's try adding a "Find Company" step before the "Update Company" step. This way, we can get the Company ID and use it in the "Object ID" field of the "Update Company" step.

Now, does your trigger provide the company's name or any other details from your HubSpot app? If it does, I'd recommend selecting "Company information: Company name" in the "First search property name" field when you're setting up the "Find Company" action. Then, you can map the Company name from the trigger to the "First search property value" field.

After that, if the “Find Company” step returns successful you can then map the Company ID from the “Find Company” step to the “Object ID” field as a custom value of the “Update Company” step.

Hopefully, this helps!

thanks @ken.a ! that is exactly what I was previously doing for this Zap. But that is when I was on a paid subscription. Is there a way to replicate this action on the free plan? Thanks again for your help. 

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Hi there @ab47,

It looks like this won’t be possible to replicate this Zap under the free plan since we need to use the “Find Company” to return the Object ID.

Thanks for your understanding.