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  • 14 April 2023
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I have a typeform that I am reformatting into entries in a notion database. 

I have tags (for each typeform response) that I want to add into a multi-select column in Notion. 

I can’t figure out what format Notion wants these in, in order for the tags to be generated. My first attempt ended up creating one big blob (one tag in Notion using all the words in my input value)
My other attempts triggered the “No commas” error that other folks have. 

To be clear, I can’t pre-populate options in Notion, because the tags can be a little different every time. I want distinct tags generated (for new tags) or used (for tags that have been added in notion before) for each row. 

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Hi @NoodleNoob, welcome to the community!

It’s a little tricky adding items in a multi-select column in Notion but you can do it! 

The workaround for this is to format the options you are looking to add as individual outputs using Formatter. Before I start, I will say that one problem with this approach is that it gets tricky if you have a different number of tags each time. 

To add the tags:

  1. Add a Formatter step to your Zap, choose Text > Split text
  2. In the input field, add each tag separated by a comma.
  3. In the separator field, type a comma
  4. For the Segment index field, select All (as Separate fields)



Then add and map all possible outputs as multi_select options in the Create/Update Item step.

Here’s an example of how that would look in Notion:


If there will be a different number of tags each time, the best way to handle that is to test the Zap with what you think will be the maximum number of tags you’ll need. So, in the Formatter step, enter all the tags and then add them all to the Notion action. When the Zap runs, if there are fewer tags, only the Notion items with data in will be added. 


​I hope that's clear, please let us know if you have any questions!