Not receiving replies from Zapier Support team

  • 17 August 2021
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In the last few months I encountered different issues and only one was it’s solved and thanks to the community forum but not the support center.

  • MS Dynamics connections: solved by the community because I was added on the loop of affected users 

now I have two problems with zero support at all:

  • I can’t activate a MS Dynamics even without reaching the max. premium apps for my plan
  • an app that is connected with zaps lived now dissappeared from “my apps” section


for both isues there were tickets opened through the contact form but no reply. 

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8 replies

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Hi @vdelafuente 

Check your spam/junk folder for replies from Zapier Support.

I checked the spam folders (or other folders for that matter) in my email account and I cannot find the reply from support. I changed also what mails (product feedback, promotions and so on) in my account to allow all the emails, but still I did’nt received any.


Still missing why doesn’t show all the apps connected in my apps section, but solved the other important issues thanks to another post.


thanks again!

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Hey @vdelafuente!

Hmm, I’m not sure why the other app connections aren’t showing. This would definitely be something that our Support Team would be better able to investigate.

I just double-checked on this end and our Support team have definitely been replying to your tickets. In addition to checking your spam folder, what can also help is to try searching for emails ending in ‘’. Hopefully that will help you to track down their responses! :)

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@SamB I am having the same issue regarding support.  I have a number of clients that I have brought to the Zapier platform over the last couple of years and have not seen a single response to a support question I submitted several months ago for one of my clients.  Can you look into why I am being ignored?

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Hi @russkarp 

You can try posting your question here in the Zapier Community.

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Thanks @Troy Tessalone.  One is a request to increase number of tasks until our cycle resets.  If you can do that for me, that would be great.  The other question regarding Paths I will post later. 

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Hey @russkarp,

Increasing your Tasks is not something that can be implemented by Community Moderators. This type of request would need to go through our Support Team. 

Looking in the system it appears that request to Support has had a response today and previous requests had been sent responses, so you definitely were not being ignored. Checking deeper into our email system though it appears that a spam complaint had been made (this happens when you report or mark an email from Zapier as being spam) so that’s likely what prevented their responses from making their way into your inbox. I’ve removed the complaint so you should be able to see Support’s responses going forward. If you to reach out to support regarding those requests again they should be able to forward any previous responses over to you.

If there’s certain types of emails that you do not wish to receive from Zapier in future it’s best to adjust the Email Notification settings in your account rather than marking the email as spam as that will prevent us from being able to email you. Hope that helps! :)

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Thanks @SamB.  You were right, somehow was flagged as junk on my end and I just removed it.