Not receiving alerts for failed app connection

  • 3 February 2022
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Hi Zapier Community!

We have run into an issue where a user from our paid media team needed to update their FB credentials. These credentials were used to connect FB with Zapier. The user failed to inform the dev team that they changed their credentials and this resulted in a period of time where FB in app leads were not transmitted to a client CRM. 

We have alerts setup to post zap specific errors in Slack and via email, but we are unable to find a way to setup alerts for a failed connection. The failed connection doesn't turn the zap off and it doesn't trigger an alert for a failed zap.

Are we missing and option to create an alert for this scenario? Has anyone encountered this issue and found a solution to create an alert for a failed connection?

Appreciate any insight on this one. Thanks!


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2 replies

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Hi @LMG_Zaps 

You can set a zap with “Zapier Manager” app to get notified when your zap is experiencing error:


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Hey there @LMG_Zaps, welcome to the Community!

Usually if there’s an issue with one of the app connections in your account you’ll be sent an email notification with a subject line like “Please reconnect your account” and details of the app that’s having an authentication issue. Are you receiving other error notifications from us? If not, it could be that they’ve gone into your Spam/Junk folder perhaps?

If you’ve not done so already, it may also be worth ensuring that the Send Alerts on Failed Trigger option is set to Always. That way we’ll send an alert as soon as any of your Zaps start having trouble triggering. You can find out more about how to do that here: Manage notifications when errors occur in Zaps

Hope that helps! :)