Not all Microsoft Outlook events are being copied over to Toggle

  • 18 July 2021
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I created a few zaps to copy events from my calendar (Outlook) into Toggl.

They work, but only 1/10. Which means one event every two days is recorded while there are 5 events every day. The zaps are on for about a week and I tried different things to see what worked. The current zaps are the best solution I found.

Attached are screenshots of one of my zaps.

The duration is the difference between the end and the start date. Changing it to seconds (like 3600) doesn’t change anything, apart the duration if it’s not 1h.

What else could I do?


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4 replies

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Hi @Fanny ,

Great to see your question on the community! 

>They work, but only 1/10.
Can you elaborate this a bit more?

I haven’t created such a zap before, but why don’t you just use the Outlook event “New Calendar Event”. This way, whenever there is a new event in the calendar it just triggers and adds the same data in Toggl. 
It could be that the trigger doesn’t work like you want it to be.


Let me know, and we can figure this out together!

~Bjorn from Wemakefuture


Hi Bjorn,


Many thanks for your reply!


Most of my events are planned in advance and repeat themselves over weeks. So I thought the best was the ‘Calendar Event Starts’ trigger.


But it could be different…


I’ll test other triggers and see if they work.

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@Fanny the problem is, your event is basically the same (outlook creates compared to google events when they are repeating with one ID). So It has the same ID so it only gets once recognized by the API with the unique ID. 

You need to create several new events or create a loop that checks wheter time based or after creation. 


Feel free to chat!

Many thanks for your answers!


I tried many different things and it still isn’t working completely.


Most events are still not being recorded, some events get recorded up to 3 times and the timezones don’t match… I don’t know why.


For now, I’m only looking into recording a few events so it’s not worth spending more time on this. But, when I want to automatise this whole thing, I’ll make sure to contact you again.