Newbie how to set up action from my blog

  • 5 December 2020
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Newbie how to set up action from my blog via yoast to linkedin someone who can explain? Now I get The app returned "Subscribing failed. A subscription already exists.".how to set up a proper connection to linkedin  with both text and a link to my blog?

I think I manege to set up the same to my fb account

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6 replies

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Hi there @RVBILD - Thanks for visiting our community today! Sure, let’s take a look together at this issue.

You mentioned Yoast, but we do not support that application. Which platform (software) is your blog hosted on? WordPress? If so, you’ll need to contact your WP developer to make sure your configuration is correct. Please do send us screenshots of this error you’re looking at for better context. Thanks!

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YOAST SEO plugin has a partnership / integration with Zapier, are you not aware???

Anyway.. I have the exact same issue as RVBILD.

The app returned "Subscribing failed. A subscription already exists."

The first one, Twitter, was OK and is now working.

The second (Facebook zap) and third (LinkedIn zap) that I added, give these error messages. Can you please investigate?

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I just found out that I can disable Twitter (which was working) and Enable another Zap, then it works... It is only creating issues when trying to activate more than 1 zap.

The free plan should be able to handle 5 zaps, right?

Same experience here. It appears you can only create a single Zap with the new Yoast integration. Dissapointing.

Same issue with WordPress Plugin Yoast SEO. Please help.

“Error turning Zap on: The app returned "Subscribing failed. A subscription already exists.".”

On Yoast SEO’s doc, I found:


Subscription failed. A subscription already exists. 

Cause: You are getting this error because you are trying to set up a second Zap, which is not possible at the moment.

Solution: At this moment, it is possible to create only one Zap with Yoast SEO. So, instead of creating multiple Zaps, you can try adding multiple actions to a single Zap


Ref: How to troubleshoot Zapier in Yoast SEO • Yoast