New vs Updated Subscription Data from Woocommerce to Google Sheet

  • 16 March 2021
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Issue: getting subscription data out of Woocommerce to analyse in Google Data Studio. This needs to be done Zapier because Woocommerce doesn’t export this data into a google sheets.



  • create new subscription (DONE);
  • update subscription when renewed (NEED HELP):
    • how can one update only some of the rows when a subscription is renewed, and can the revenue which comes from the renewal be updated to add the revenue of the renewal to the first revenue generated through the customer buying the membership for the first time?
    • Update total_revenue & next_payment_date etc.



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3 replies

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Hi there @Maartje - Thanks for writing to our community!

To handle your update subscription when renewed, we suggest checking out all the help articles on the community on how to make a lookup table in Google Sheets: Here’s a search for you to review all the help articles we have.

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Hey @Maartje 


You can use paths for this. 

One path to handle updates and another to handle new subscriptions. 


After the Subscription from Woocommerce,

Search for the subscription in the google sheet (a unique id must be used as the search value)

Then make your 2 paths. 

For the update path, when you update gsheets, you just need to fill up the rows that you need to update. Gsheet, doesn't remove the previous data as long as you don't fill up the field with data. 

As for the new+old renewal. Since you have a search step already and the data with the old renewal is available. In the Update step, you just need to put in the renewal field : =old renewal + new renewal


You can reach out to my company too ( ) if you want us to make the zap for you or if you need any consultation. 



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Hey @Maartje!

How is it going? Did the suggestion to try Paths for the new vs renewed subscriptions work out for your Zap? The Community wouldlove to hear it!