new to zapier and need help with flow

  • 22 January 2021
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I’m new to Zapier and social media marketing in general.

I’m running a FB Ad (lead gen) and created a zap to my email with the instant form.

I’ve then created a zap from that same FB ad to a mailchimp tag.

Should I have created two separate Zaps or should i have added both gmaill and mailchimp to the same Zap?

Any way for me to check and see if the complete flow works the way it’s intended?

thank you for you help, in advance

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3 replies

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Hey @gazoo,

thank you for your question and welcome.

I think you are good to go. All that matters for Zapier is that you chose one particular trigger. From there you can basically send the information that you got in that Trigger to all other integrations. So, it is perfectly fine to have just one Zap that is connected to multiple integrations. Let me know if you have some more questions :)

Best Wishes

thank you for your reply.

Just to clarify; when i run a Lead Ad through facebook then zap my gmail so i get the lead, then zap my mailchimp so the lead is sent an auto message...all in one continuous zap.  This will still work?

-Facebook Lead ad to gmail then facebook lead to mailchimp (or FB to mailchimp)?

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Hey @gazoo,

yes. This will work. You can share the setup of your Zap here and we can have a look at it. But what you are describing sounds like a standard thing.

So it does not matter what you are doing first, basically you have the trigger data (which is the FB lead ad) available for all actions that you are using after the trigger. So, you can use the data that you got from the lead ad both in Mailchimp and Gmail and since you did not apply a filter this will trigger both actions. But as I said, try it out and if you run into problems feel free to post here again :)